The constant pursuit of perfection and higher ROI is increasing the demand for efficient functional testing services. As an acclaimed testing service provider, DivIniSoft blends technical know-how with its proven functional testing methodology to deliver quality test results.

DivIniSoft offers fully customizable functional testing services that deliver efficient results against challenging requirements and pressing time limits. Using our cutting-edge testing techniques, we ensure that the software being tested conforms to the requirement specifications of the expected end product. At DivIniSoft, we start with exploratory testing and gradually progress to execute every possible test case in order to evaluate application quality. For functional testing, we analyse your functional requirements and understand your domain. Our functional testing plan encompasses the following steps:

  • Defining functional testing strategy
  • Designing functional test cases for positive and negative testing
  • Performing test automation
  • Carrying out test execution
  • Defect logging and tracking
  • Checking results
  • Publishing status dashboards

How can we help you: Benefits of collaborating with us

As a leading provider of functional testing services, we offer the following advantages for our clients through competent functional testing:

  • Superior test coverage for efficient results
  • Detection and elimination of defects early in test life cycle
  • Reduction of post-production defects and increase in reliability
  • Leveraging of advanced functional testing methodology to accelerate time to market
  • Applying well-defined testing processes to reduce cost and save time

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Test automation has become a core part of product development life cycle as it reduces testing time without compromising on the quality of testing. DivIniSoft offers test automation services as part of its extensive testing strategy for software products and solutions.

Being a prominent provider of test automation services, we are equipped with automated testing applications that function on major platforms. Through the use of hi-tech tools and advanced test automation solutions, we provide highly reliable and accurate results. We are adept at customizing test automation suites to increase time to market and maintain a competitive advantage in the fast evolving environment. We also develop and execute regression automation and smoke test suites. Such functionalities enable us to increase the depth and scope of tests while reducing costs and test times. Our test automation specialists have expertise in almost every automation technology, providing us the edge to stay ahead of our contemporaries. At DivInisoft, we are proficient in using various test automation tools including Selenium, Junit, TestNG, Jasmine, Appium, Robotium, Tellurium, etc.

As part of our analysis of business processes and development of automated test suites, we do the following:

  • Create test design and test data
  • Execute test cases
  • Validate the results
  • Log results to test management tool

What we offer: Advantageous results through test automation

Our test automation services provide the following benefits:

  • Increase in testing speed and efficiency
  • Elimination of repetitive manual testing
  • Increase in software quality
  • Optimization of resource utility
  • Reduction in cost of Quality Assurance (QA)

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As IT applications become more complex with each passing day, the need to test applications for optimal performance is also escalating. DivIniSoft performance testing services ensure you of understanding your performance needs and determining the responsiveness, scalability, reliability, and throughput of your application under given load.

DivIniSoft performance testing expertise spans a wide spectrum including performance testing of Database, Rest Services, Web and Mobile. We test and validate the stability of your applications under varied load, stress, and endurance conditions. Our extensive experience in performance testing allows us to identify performance deterrents that need to be addressed before releasing the product. Through our end to end performance testing solutions we help you to launch applications scalable to expected load.

Our key performance testing activities primarily covers:

  • Load testing – Test applications within the expected user load
  • Stress testing – Test applications with extreme loads to identify breaking point
  • Stability testing – Continuous test to ensure system can handle load over long periods
  • Scalability testing – Application performance by scaling up to support additional loads
  • Concurrency testing – Test to measure how many concurrent users application would be able to support

Scope of service: Providing holistic testing solutions

DivIniSoft’s specialized team for performance testing engages in the following services:

  • Analyze applications for performance under various conditions
  • Define performance requirements based on workload, response time, stress, and scalability factors
  • Design performance test strategy
  • Execute and monitor performance test
  • Determine max concurrent users and max TPS supported
  • Recommend measures for performance augmentation

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With the constantly evolving scenario of technology, financial software products are increasingly using mathematical or numerical models to derive their functionalities. A large number of financial software use mathematical finance or quantitative finance for risk prediction and better management of big portfolios. But implementing any such software without testing their capabilities is always a risk. Quantitative analysis can help companies to overcome such problems. Through quantitative testing, analysts can determine whether a particular financial software product works as per its claim or not and what is its efficiency.

To meet their testing requirements and to perform accurate tests, companies need the services of quantitative analysts who are skilled in the required domains. We at DivInisoft specialize in hiring quantitative analysts who can help our clients in conducting effective quantitative testing for their financial software. We source out the best talents for quantitative testing. In order to provide the best testing support for our clients, we ensure that the quantitative analysts selected by us are equipped with FRM or CFA certifications.

Why collaborate with us for Quantitative testing?

  • Talented resources to do quantitative testing
  • Test whether your financial software works correctly or not
  • Well-defined quantitative testing processes that enable you to save cost and time